What next after the audit?

We would recommend that the first thing you should do after you’ve completed your audit is contact TDT. If you have had a full audit visit, then we will arrange a follow up phone call. If you have done your digital audit, then you should share your report and arrange a phone call to discuss it.

In that phone call we will discuss what any key areas of strength and development are and what recommended steps might be, as well as making sure you have access to the tools, resources, events and potentially other schools in the Network who can help you.

We often put schools in touch after their audit. If you would like to visit a school that is doing something particularly well, or would have something useful to share, just email or call and we will find the right school for you.

Contact us on 020 3961 67946 or email network@tdtrust.org

The CPD Audit is a great review of all your CPD processes and allows you to best access support from TDT. After your phone call with us, we will set a plan so that we can continue to support you. This might include an additional visit from us, a follow up phone call, or guidance reviewing your plans for next year.

The online portal CPD Resource Bank is designed to support you after the audit. It is structured along the same framework so that you can easily find and access tools, resources, research and examples from other schools that relate to your areas of development. This resource bank is regularly updated – do let us know if you think anything should be added!

Our events are designed in response to our CPD Audits. We often structure them around themes that have come out of our visits. Check out our events page for a relevant event near you.