CPD Spending Benchmarking

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Map of CPD Spending across EnglandThe Teacher Development Trust and SchoolDash have conducted an up-to-date analysis of schools’ CPD budgets across England. After rising since the start of the decade, school’s development budgets have fallen by 12 per cent in secondary schools, and 7% in primary schools.

In response to the data, the Trust is launching the CPD Benchmarking Tool. This is a free tool to help schools to compare their investment in CPD with other schools in their local area, or of a similar intake. Our tool allows you to browse national and regional variation in average spending and compare your school to others nationally and locally.Example CPD spending benchmark graph

Analysis and Findings

Despite the increasingly urgent need to recruit and retain teachers, there are staggering differences in on-the-job support for teachers, depending on where in the country they teach. Read our CEO’s blog on the divide between schools’ CPD spend across England.

Timo Hannay, founder of SchoolDash, goes into more detail, exploring findings from national school spending data, combined with data from Ofsted and school workforce data.