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The Network Enquiry Approach

  1. triad of teachers focuses on a single class and identifies an educational or behavioural need.
  2. As part of the NTEN they receive full-text access to over 1800 research journals and they use this, plus support from a trained mentor, to identify the most effective and efficient approach to take to change their teaching in order to fulfil this need.
  3. This is turned in to a clear research question of the type “How effective is [intervention X] at improving [outcome Y] in [cohort/class Z]”.
  4. The group is guided to choose a range of evaluation approaches which include both objective and nationally standardised measures (where possible) as well as more qualitative data. We provide access to a library of objective approaches to testing from major partners such as CEM Centre and GL Assessments. Some of these are exclusively available at class-level through our network.
  5. The triad test their understanding of the educational need by devising some in-class exercises and predicting the reactions of two or three ‘case study’ pupils. They use this to refine their definition of the issues and help target the chosen intervention. They also gather baseline data to enable them to fully evaluate the impact of their chosen intervention. If possible, they identify a control group to act as a comparator.
  6. The triad now engage in a cycle of lessons (or segments within the lessons). In each one they plan a series of activities to implement the intervention, then predict the reactions/outcomes of the chosen case pupils. One of the members teaches the lesson while the others observe. They meet shortly after to compare their predictions to the reality and reflect/discuss why this is (with reference to the underlying research) and what they should do next. They plan the next lesson and repeat the process until they feel they have made sufficient progress.
  7. Once they are confident they have mastered the approach, each member of the triad engages with two other teachers to help them plan the refined approach in to their own lessons – this is a highly effective way to disseminate and embed the practice. At the same time, they gather final impact data and calculate a statistical Effect Size, where possible.


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