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Network Support for Lesson Study

We are fortunate to be working with one of the world experts in Lesson Study, Professor Pete Dudley, and a panel of experts who have helped us shape and develop our programme within the Network with a bank of exclusive resources to support our members in Network Lesson Study. Upon joining, each member undergoes a CPD audit to assess the current school-wide teaching and learning needs. This audit helps the school create a supportive environment in which Lesson Study can flourish. Lesson Study participants are then encouraged to identify a learning need within their own classes to investigate through a cycle of collaborative research, observation and evaluation. Participants track the progress of their investigation through ongoing discussion with their triad mentor and external experts. We train one member of staff to act as Lesson Study Mentor. This member of staff receives extensive support, tools and guidance to implement Lesson Study in their school.


Some pages from our comprehensive handbooks

Ongoing support is then provided throughout. Twice-termly conferences provide an opportunity for Network members to discuss the Lesson Study process, while support officers from the Teacher Development Trust are on hand to offer ongoing tailored advice. Our online Network Portal provides access to resources, templates and examples to assist all teachers participating in Lesson Study. Members receive free online access to a database of over 1800 full text academic articles, to facilitate the use of research evidence throughout. We also provide exclusive evaluation tools to help teachers measure the impact of every intervention.

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A screenshot from our Network Portal

The Network structure then allows teachers to share and discuss their findings from Lesson Study, both within their own school and with colleagues across the country. In this way Network members are able to add to the growing evidence base of effective professional development and develop the basis of our ongoing advocacy work with policy makers.

Case Study

Oakmere Primary School took part in the Network Lesson Study pilot. Teachers engaged in Lesson Study with structured evaluation and built on evidence of effective practices. “The evaluation element to the cycle was crucial, enlightening and safe – we had all taken part in planning this lesson and I felt so confident in the knowledge that I wasn’t being judged.  I have a deeper understanding into what makes my class and individuals tick and looking forward to the next round of lesson studies.” The Lesson Study approach proved transformative. As one teacher put it “The pedagogical discussions we’re having around the staffroom simply wouldn’t have happened before”. Julie Lily, Oakmere’s Headteacher said the as a result of the pilot “we now have a new strategy for professional development at Oakmere and at its heart are the principles of lesson study”.


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