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TDT Advisor lists over 3,000 resources from more than 300 providers, including charities, independent consultants, Teaching Schools and local authorities. Resources on offer include:

  • Training courses
  • Conferences
  • Consultancy services
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Used by thousands of teachers every month, visitors to TDT Advisor can search for professional development to match their needs according to:

  • Location
  • Target audience
  • Subject
  • Focus
  • Phase

Users can then review the CPD they have used or recommend listings for TDT Advisor.

The site is entirely free for both users and providers.

Quality Assurance

We ensure the quality of all listings on TDT Advisor using a number of approaches:

  • All providers must sign up to our Code of Practice which ensures they are delivering relevant training which is likely to have an impact.
  • We encourage users to review any course or resource they have used. Reviewers are asked to rate the the impact on their professional practice as well as quality of delivery.
  • We perform Quality Assurance Audits of randomly selected listings on the site to ensure high quality delivery and compliance with our Code of Practice.

More Information

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For Providers:

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