Trusts and School Groups

We work with Multi-Academy Trusts, Teaching School Alliances, Federations and Local Authorities to improve professional development systems. Schools and Colleges work together to develop powerful systems of staff development, resulting in boosts in recruitment, retention, and outcomes.

A central part of our bespoke packages is the use of our diagnostic tool. Every school or college leadership team in the cluster engages in a self-evaluation while rolling out our comprehensive staff survey. We then provide central teams with a dashboard report to identify strengths and areas for development and create a long-term change plan; identifying, implementing and embedding sustainable steps.

We recommend our Impact Membership, offering diagnostic reviews for all schools or colleges, free course places, and bespoke in-house options. This gives access to a comprehensive suite of tools to support peer reviews and coaching, where teachers work and grow together.

The TDT Diagnostic Tool helps to cut through all initiatives and helps you prioritise what’s important.

– Headteacher in Sheffield

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